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Author, Teacher, Chef

Seung Hee Lee —pop-up chef, nutritionist, natural wine lover. These identities come together on her Instagram account, @koreanfusion, and in her new cookbook, Everyday Korean. Trained in Korean Royal Court cuisine, Seung’s cooking adapts traditional Korean recipes to modern kitchens. Wine pairing is a big part of her cooking and life in general, and Seung always has some kind of skin contact whites, grower Champagne, or light and earthy Gamay alongside her dishes. Markets and seasonality also factor into Seung’s cooking—at pop-ups in Paris, New York, New Orleans, and Atlanta—where she lives—she has relied on the best local ingredients to give her dishes, many of which she learned from her grandmother in Korea, a contemporary feel. Seung’s pop ups are intimate experiences for lovers of food and natural wine; dishes are often served family style with a side of personal storytelling.