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“Last year was about my personal growth as a chef,” she says. “This year, I want to work with others. I have fun bouncing different ideas off other chefs.”
- Carly Cooper, Atlanta Magazine (article)

“At a recent pop-up dinner in Atlanta, Lee served Korean fried chicken lacquered with a gochujang sauce on an enormous Georgia flour biscuit. For dessert she paired pound cake and buttermilk ice cream with caramel made with doenjang.” 
- Jordan Michelman, TASTE (article)

" Accessible, personal, and beautifully composed, it’s that rare kind of cookbook that walks the deft line between aspirational and inspirational..."
Jordan Michelman, Sprudge Wine (article)

"Chapter five in Lee’s book calls it 'The Heart of the Matter' and includes the dandelion recipe…Her winter radish kimchi incorporates Asian pears with salt, ginger, and radish greens in its two-week fermentation." -Angela Hansberger, Creative Loafing  (article)

"...one of the most memorable, eye-opening, and delicious meals I had this year was not in a restaurant or a pop-up but at the home of Everyday Korean cookbook author Seung Hee Lee." - Beth McKibben, Eater Atlanta (article)

One of "The Best Cookbooks to Gift This Year" - Food Network (article)

Everyday Korean was reviewed by James Beard winning journalist Wendall Brock at AJC !

"In a fusion with South Korean flavors, cookbook author Seung Hee Lee used it as a finish for tofu steaks that were brushed with rice syrup and sesame oil." -  Micheline Maynard, Forbes (article)

"Within minutes of meeting Seung Hee Lee-Kwan, two things become abundantly clear: The South Korea-born Atlantan loves food (especially oysters) and wine (exclusively of the natural variety), and she is highly opinionated." -Julia Bainbridge, Atlanta Magazine (article)

"With the Olympics putting a spotlight on South Korea, we're showcasing a population unknown to most in our region." - Matthew Pearl, 11 Alive (11Alive article)

“After meeting Seung for the first time, I knew we had to do this dinner. I love how passionate she is about Korean food. It’s as passionate as I am about Thai food...” -  Talat Market chef Parnass Lim Savang (article)




"We talk with the authors of "Everyday Korean: Fresh, Modern Recipes for Home Cooks" to learn about Korean flavors and cooking techniques and get instructions for trying new recipes like focaccia with fried kimchi and gochujang-cured pork belly BBQ." - Breann Schossow, Wisconsin Public Radio (Listen)

Listen to Seung Hee's segment in the episode "Tapping Into the World of Maple" regarding the Korean maple tree, Gorosoe. - Food52, Burnt Toast (Listen)


"For the 2018 AJC Spring Dining Guide, we sat down with some of the leaders in Atlanta’s new fusion
revolution." -Erica A. Hernandez, AJC Video: Korean and Thai fusion cuisine

#KOREATL: A special report on an overlooked community. Interviewees include Seung Hee Lee! (11Alive video