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[MADE IN KOREAN] Pop Up at a mano

[Made in Korea]

Two adoptees (Greg & Julia) and one immigrant (Seung), three chefs will be cooking dishes that reminds us of Korea. A taste of Korea, our way.

We are very excited to host Greg Norrish (his Korean name is Ahn Yeoung Keun) join us. A little bit about him!

[Grabbed from his website]

"Young Keun was born in Seoul and adopted to the US. He spent over ten years in California working in restaurants, large scale kitchens, and farms. In 2017, he went to Seoul on a heritage trip for adoptees and decided to move to Korea to explore his identity. While in Seoul he helped laungh restaurants, developed menus, and took the time to better understand his relationship with Korean food through his own identity. His reflects his identity - someone who will always be between the two countries he loves and calls home.

He is currently planning an international tour of collaboration dinners from September through November."

That's right! He is making a stop to ATLANTAAAAA! How exciting is that!

Oh, and you know Julia! She is Atlanta's finest!! You have seen Seung & Julia cooking together - Seoul Sisters pop up was one of them! The dynamic duo created classic American childhood favorites with huge Korean flavors - Bulgogi Hot Pockets and Kimchi Nachos, were two most popular dishes that night.

Our common denominator [KOREA] will be the theme of this pop up. Be prepared for an emotional and unforgettable journey through food. We are so very excited to share our love and passion with all of you.

Expect 5+ course meal, story telling, and mind bending wine & beverage pairings.

$65 per ticket