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Grandma's Sunday Supper Popup

This menu will showcase dandelion kimchi, acorn jelly salad, soy-cured prawns, aged kimchi stew and grilled rice cakes with doenjang caramel - all made with love.

$50 per person
$10 service charge
$5.20 taxes and fees

As a child, Seung ate everything from foraged greens to frog legs. Seung's grandmother, who was her caregiver when her mother was at work, never left the kitchen. Naturally, that's where she hung out. Seung's grandmother was a culinary wizard, and together they foraged dandelion greens to make kimchi, dried acorns on the balcony for acorn jelly, and much more. The kitchen was Seung's playground. On February 24, Seung will showcase all things "Grandmother," in celebration of her own Grandmother's 99th birthday. She will create a wholesome menu that expresses the joy they shared -- forage, grow, preserve, ferment and share. Seung's courses will be accompanied by stories that are cultural and educational. It will be true culinary experience. Do not miss this event.

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